On Saturday, May 20th, join us for live music all day!

Our line-up features Driftwood, Woodshed Prophets, The Bones of J.R. Jones & Canary Circus! 


Driftwood has been digging in and rocking out since their 2005 formation, playing an average of 150 shows a year. As such, gigging and traveling that much can’t help but influence and inform the band, individually and collectively. In the past, they used the stage to work out arrangements of new songs. For their new CD, City Lights, they used the studio. “Keeping this kind of touring schedule, we have thought of recording albums as a sort of secondary thing and considered ourselves a ‘live’ band. We learn so much on the road and this kind of work has always felt productive,” guitarist Dan Forsyth explains. “It wasn’t until this last album that we took some time off to learn more about being in the studio. We wanted to take our time and record on our own terms.”

According to violinist Claire Byrne, their own terms included “taking a step forward with the production and the arrangements". Banjo player Joe Kollar tacks on “learning”, for good measure, while Forsyth adds “good songs and bigger arrangements, and sounds than we had not previously achieved".


Woodshed Prophets
Hailing from Sidney, NY, the Woodshed Prophets are a quartet of bearded wild men, hell-bent on world domination or self-destruction, whichever comes first. The Prophets primarily play original material, a unique blend of rock and country (or “power twang” as they’ve been tagged by friends and fans). Their second studio album, Nowhere But Down, was released in September 2013.
Woodshed Prophets

The bones of J.r. Jones
Jonathon Linaberry, the New York-based musician, is a blues singer and multi-instrumentalist, who incorporates elements of old-time folk into the all-encompassing persona of The Bones of J.R. Jones.  Linaberry remains a disciple of early 20th-century blues and folk artists like Blind Lemon Jefferson and Lightnin’ Hopkins, both of whom the singer discovered in his teenage years, but he still readily admits more contemporary influences are beginning to creep into his musical oeuvre. “I definitely still listen to the folk and blues stuff, but I really try to make a conscious effort to listen to music outside that box — whether it be bands like Sylvan Esso or more pop-influenced stuff. Sometimes you have to find out what the kids are listening to!"

Canary Circus
Canary Circus is a newly formed three-piece band hailing from Montrose, PA. With decades of experience under each band members' belt, John, Lonnie, and Ellen bring a sound and energy to the stage that is certainly like no other. Influenced by The Wood Brothers, The Grateful Dead, and The Avett Brothers, Canary Circus strives to make each performance unique and enjoy jamming and improvising on stage.
Canary Circus