Annual Meeting Announcement:

Our Annual meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 7th at the Montrose Movie Theater. Meeting start time is promptly at 7 PM. 
Included on the agenda of this meeting is to review and vote on those organizations that will receive donations from the 2017 event. If you are interested in being a part of the Montrose Chocolate & Wine Festival Committee, please attend this meeting for more information


If you are a Vendor or a Sponsor looking for additional information, please visit our Vendors or Sponsors page.  

Otherwise, please send all correspondence to:


Festival Committee Members

Paula Anderson
Tammy Bonnice
Betty Bryden
Abbie Evans
Tom Follert
Ben Hawley
Steve Lathrop
Seneca Lewis
Ed Luecke
Amy McKeeby
Taylor McKeeby
Cheryl Myers
Dan Myers
Kelly Roche
Chris Smith
Maria Traino
Rebecca Warner