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The Woodshed Prophets, American Pinup, Komodo Lemonade and Canary Circus! 

Woodshed Prophets
Hailing from Sidney, NY, the Woodshed Prophets are a quartet of bearded wild men, hell-bent on world domination or self-destruction, whichever comes first. The Prophets primarily play original material, a unique blend of rock and country (or “power twang” as they’ve been tagged by friends and fans). Their second studio album, Nowhere But Down, was released in September 2013.
woodshed prophets

Westchester's rising indie rock stars American Pinup deliver an explosive mixture of pop-savvy melody and punk rock attitude that will stick with you long after you leave one of their high-energy live shows. The band has been actively touring and releasing music since 2011, including appearances at festivals such as Vans Warped Tour, SXSW, and The Fest. With a tireless DIY work ethic and undeniably infectious compositions, it's no wonder American Pinup earned a coveted place on the Alternative Press list of "100 Bands You Need To Know".
American Pinupsm

How do you make a Komodo Lemonade? The recipe is simple: two guitars, two microphones, and most importantly, two singer/songwriters who really love to make music. When mixed together you get the tasty concoction of Kevin Ludwig and Uncle Buford. After a chance meeting back in 2010, these already aspiring artists formed a bond that has kept them writing, recording and performing ever since. Kevin's undeniably soulful voice and heralded songwriting is a perfect match for Buford's knack for harmony and tasteful leads.
Komodo Lemonade

Canary Circus
Canary Circus is a three-piece band hailing from Montrose, PA. With decades of experience under each band members' belt, John, Lonnie, and Ellen bring a sound and energy to the stage that is certainly like no other. Influenced by The Wood Brothers, The Grateful Dead, and The Avett Brothers, Canary Circus strives to make each performance unique and enjoy jamming and improvising on stage.
Canary Circus